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Toddler Program

"When my son first started at Avenue Road, he was the 'baby' of the childcare. I looked around and thought there was no way he would adjust. The staff were amazing, nurturing and loving. My son has made a smooth transition and now leaves my arms with a big smile on his face. The staff also recognized how hard the transition was for me and supported and encouraged me to call and check in as often as I needed. It is much easier to transition back to work knowing my son is happy, safe and loved."


Toddler ExperienceToddler Experience

A strong emphasis for this group is self-help skills and language development. Toddlers continue to build on learning through various sensory stimulating activities (play dough, water play, finger painting and musical instruments).

Development StagesDevelopmental Stages

Some of the many skills encouraged at this stage are drinking from a cup, eating independently with a spoon, sharing toys and turn taking. Another big milestone developed at this stage is toilet training when applied with consistency from the teachers and parents.

Gross MotorGross Motor

Outdoor play is scheduled daily in the program to give your toddler exposure to self confidence in physical activities. This develops large muscles, coordination and skills such as throwing, jumping and climbing in a contained safe environment.

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