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" Our family is deeply appreciative of your outstanding full-time care for Gabriel since he was a year old. It's a testimony to your program that when we drove past on a Sunday, Gabriel was very disappointed: he wanted to go to daycare but it was closed! While juggling the challenges of parenting, self-employment, illness, and other responsibilities like elder care, it was such a blessing to entrust him to your supervision from 10 to 6 daily, assured that he was growing, learning, resting and eating well. Your staff strike the right balance between discipline and affection, professionalism and personality, energy and stamina, cheerfulness and empathy. Too bad we can't bring any of your staff home with us!! Thank you for everything.

Kindest regards, "

Family photo

" Dear Finch Business Park Childcare Centre,

We just wanted to thank everyone at Finch Business Park for all of the kindness and warmth you've shown our family these last two years. The teachers are such wonderful and caring people doing a very tough job, and we really couldn't have asked for a better experience for our son Huxley. He has learned so much since starting here in the infant room, and we are very grateful to all of you who welcomed him into your home.

I remember bringing him in the first day and thinking we were going to get kicked out because he always fought sleep. But when I came to pick him up that evening, I discovered that the expert caregivers had not only managed to get him to nap and eat, but had also done arts and crafts! My mind was blown away, and we haven't stopped being impressed by the amazing work you all do ever since. You really are experts in the field of child development, and we've always felt confident knowing that Hux was in the best hands while we were at work.

Thank you so much for your caring attention, your compassion, for sharing your knowledge and experience and for helping our kid socialize, grow up and love learning.

We are so lucky to have had this experience and we wish you all the best.

Sincerely, "

Arlie, Matthew and Huxley

" I would recommend Graydon Hall Child Care to all parents without hesitation.

As a mother of two I can proudly say that both of my children attended and loved it. My daughter (21 months) presently attends and her language and motor skills have developed rapidly for her age. My son (18 months) also attended until he was four years of age.

Children need structure and friendly staff. We want our children to be well rounded, educated and also have fun. Graydon Hall provides all of these.

Before my children enrolled, I visited many other centres. This one provided me with many details about what my children would be doing day to day and the tour was very welcoming. The staff are always smiling, singing and making you feel like your children have the best possible care.

I know, as a parent, that putting your child into a centre for the first time is one of the hardest things to do. But believe me when I tell you not to worry because your and my children are in great hands! "

Brooke Brown

" Every parent will tell you the first week at child care is not a breeze, but the staff at Graydon Hall were so loving, helpful, patient, and educational during the transition that it made it so much easier for my husband and I to say 'bye-bye' every morning. My son quickly began to trust and love his teachers, and after a very short time each teacher was like an extended part of our family.

What makes this child care stand out, as a gem, is all of the staff. I know that each and every teacher loves my child and is always looking out for his well-being.

Avenue Road Child Care is truly the only child care we can imagine leaving our most precious little man with! "

Nicole Lucas

" Our three children have attended Bayview Gardens Child Care Centre from 2007 until the present time. We can truly say that it is their home away from home. We have always been impressed with all of the teachers. They are patient and loving and are sincerely concerned for each child's well-being. We know that when we bring the children to the centre, they will cared for and loved. The teachers deliver and excellent program; this is evident through their social, emotional, physical, and educational development.

Bayview Gardens is a wonderful child care centre, one in which our children have flourished and grown. "

Lorena and Jim Skenderis

" Bayview Gardens has been 'in our family' for about three years now. My two boys walk down the hallways and are greeted by name by the staff and administration! They receive an exceptional quality of loving care from their teachers and are provided with a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment. The professional staff take the time to answer our questions and provide us with feedback on our children's progress.

I would not hesitate to recommend Bayview Gardens to other families and take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to this very special group of people! "


" Our son Marshall loves to go to Graydon Hall Child Care Centre. He runs into the classroom and greets his teachers with a big hello and a hug! He is 21/2 years old and has been attending since he was 3 months old.

As working parents, we knew it was going to be tough and the need to return to work was weighing heavily. To our surprise, the decision to put Marshall into child care at only 3 months old was made very easily.

To have such experience, attention and care given to us and to Marshall by the staff was very much appreciated. The curriculum for toddlers is excellent. Marshall can sing his ABC's and lots of nursery rhymes. He can count to fifteen and is excited every day to tell me about his day at 'school'. He just adores all the teachers. Our family and friends cannot believe how sociable he is and you can tell he enjoys life.

Simply put, the facilities and staff at Graydon Hall are FABULOUS!!

We are extremely thankful to the staff for making our first ever experience with child care such an enjoyable one. If we had to do it all over again we would make the same decision. "

Heather & Michael Hofmann

" I highly recommend Finch Business Park Child Care Centre. My son has been attending the Finch Business Park Child Care Centre for over two years.

The staff is made up of warm, welcoming and sincere individuals. They work very hard and they are interested in seeing each and every child learn and grow. They provided the necessary balance of nurturing that my son needed and ensured that my son learned, had fun, and developed wonderful relationships with each of his classmates. They have undoubtedly made a positive impact in my son's life.

My son was excited to go to this child care centre and this gave me great comfort as I balanced parenting with my professional career.

Thank you for caring and educating my son to be the best he can be. "

Cameal Johnson

" When I first brought my son to Avenue Road Child Care Centre I wondered if he would get adequate attention in the toddler room. He was only 18 months old and some of the other kids seemed so big and independent. After spending a few hours there talking with the staff, asking a lot of questions and watching the teachers interact with the children, I decided that it was the right choice. We enrolled our son and he adjusted very well, very quickly, which a testament to the fact that he is well cared for.

In three months, he has grown tremendously. Now he is one of the big kids! When the teacher told me one day that he loves to play soccer I thought she just meant that he liked to play with a ball. Then I saw him kick it and run after it. He shocked me one day when he started singing "ABC's" and telling me what sounds a sheep and cow make. Just yesterday he walked up a step on his own!

At Avenue Road Child Care Centre our son is learning and growing, and most importantly, he is happy to go to child care. Lately, when I pick him up, he comes over to me to say hi then goes back to play. When I ask, "Do you want to go home?", he says "No!" What more can I ask for? "

Lisa Silbert
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