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Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum

"We love Bayview Child Care Center!

Our three year old is learning adventures, games and songs, and is eager to share her day with us when she gets home. She surprises us every day with something new that she has learned. Everything the staff do makes a positive influence on her."

Simona & Shawn

Language ArtsLanguage Arts

Your child will be introduced to ways of exploring and expanding on their imagination through a variety of favourite stories. This is done through finger plays, puppets, felt board stories and theatre arts.

The alphabet will also be a strong focus, and your child's appetite for learning will be nourished as they experience relationships between letters and words. Jolly phonics will be introduced to your child at this stage, which assists him/her in establishing recognition of sounds and actions associated with each letter.

Your child's social skills will be enhanced through working on a variety of special group projects with their peers.


Your child will further develop a respect for nature and understand basic science through cooking and simple experiments. Predicting outcomes will be introduced to your child as they observe changes in the season during nature walks and a variety of hands-on experiences.

Creative ArtCreative Art

Your child will be given the opportunity to explore their own style of artistic expression through a variety of different media, including paint, glue, crayons, coloured pencils and chalk.

We will experiment in this area with mixing colours just to see what happens, as we create our masterpieces through free expression.

They will also learn to understand that art is a personal form of communication and plays an important role in many cultures.

Fine Motor SkillsFine Motor Skills

Your child will develop their fine motor co-ordination through everyday, real life activities. They will be immersed in such activities as drawing, stencilling, using scissors, tongs and tracing. Forming directional lines in preparation for printing and colouring within boundaries will also enhance these skills.

Physical EducationPhysical Education

Your child's mind and body needs will be balanced through daily physical activities. Gross motor activities will improve your child's co-ordination, sense of accomplishment and give them an opportunity to work as a team. It will stimulate creativity through a variety of musical interpretations such as dance and creative movement.

Self-Help SkillsSelf-Help Skills

Your child will learn early self-help skills such as zipping, buttoning, putting on their own clothing, putting shoes on the proper feet and the beginnings of tying shoe laces. Other ways in which we build confidence through self-help skills include helping with real life scenarios such as setting the table.


Starting with basic math, your child will learn number recognition and counting. Many different avenues will be explored, combined with visual aids such as flashcards, tracing, games and exploring size/height/weight. We will also help your child learn and experience new ways of learning math concepts, and how geometric shapes are used within our daily environment. Every child learns at a different pace. Children will learn from our experienced staff as well as by helping each other.

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