School Age

The School Age programs at Graydon Hall Nursery Schools offer a club-like environment where children attending elementary school can enjoy a fun and safe way to begin and end every school day. 

The activities are designed to provide relaxed programming to allow the school aged child an opportunity to unwind and interact with friends after a long day at school. Our faculty provide an atmosphere that provides for a diverse range of activities, including a balance of sports, cooperative and team games, arts and crafts, construction, reading and board games.

At Graydon Hall Nursery Schools we appreciate the increased competency of school aged children and encourage them to participate in determining learning experiences and directing the daily schedule. Children can have input in the planning of ongoing group projects, team games, and art.

We offer a quiet area for children to complete homework when requested by a parent.  

Graydon Hall Nursery Schools is happy to provide full day care for school aged children for professional development days, March Break and a camp atmosphere throughout the summer months.

Each site has an outdoor play space which provides the opportunity for the school aged children to extend the play environment outdoors and participate in team sports and explore science and nature.

Life Skills

Learn important life skills such as self-regulation and positive communication:

  • Learn problem-solving and negotiation
  • Encourage decision-making by giving every child the opportunity to take responsibility for the choices they make

Physical Development

This emphasizes the important connection between a healthy body and a healthy mind.

  • A variety of sports-oriented activities balance out the interests of the group.