Enrichment Experiences

At Graydon Hall Nursery Schools we embrace all cultures, celebrations, abilities and learning opportunities. Our programs go beyond academics and embrace a more holistic approach to learning with the addition of our unique Enrichment Experiences. 

Little Body Benders is a children’s Yoga program that helps develop children’s strength and endurance, while also improving focus and memory and reducing stress and anxiety. Little Body Benders enhances the development of the body, mind and soul.

Little Diggers is a gardening program designed to engage children in caring for the natural world around them. Through planting, cultivating and harvesting vegetation, children learn the importance of plant life to creating a healthier environment.

Little Artists and Little Readers is unique to Graydon Hall Nursery School and is a collaborative program to inspire the love and appreciation of art and literacy. This inspiring combination of activities allows the opportunity for free expression and an innovative way to develop literacy skills.

Little Music Makers is an interactive music program especially developed for children. Through song and movement, children gain an appreciation for music while building intellectual, language and motor skills. Through dance and song, children can practice self-expression while learning about melody and sound.

Graydon Hall Nursery Schools Enrichment Experiences are constantly evolving and we encourage our faculty and families to actively participate in our programs by sharing the skills, knowledge and traditions of our many diverse cultures. 

Graydon Hall Nursery Schools invites you to visit our Facebook page for information about upcoming events and our YouTube channel for fun activities for your family.