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Kindergarten Curriculum

"In addition to traditional classroom learning, Spencer thoroughly enjoys field trips to the library, visits to local parks and nature walks along with on-site movie days and themed seasonal parties and celebrations. We firmly believe all of these experiences are adding up to a solid foundation for positive development and future success."

Marla & John

Social StudiesSocial Studies

Your child will learn to understand that people and their families are alike and different. Each child will be introduced to cultural uniqueness from countries around the world and be encouraged to talk about his/her own traditions.

Physical EducationPhysical Education

Through playing with their friends, your child will develop sportsmanship and teamwork. Your child will demonstrate working responsibly, co-operatively and safely with others. They will learn to listen and follow directions regarding rules. They will learn health related fitness as they improve their large muscle skills. The goal is to instill a strong foundation that will be carried with them for future years.

Language ArtsLanguage Arts

Your child will learn to organize and express ideas orally to allow them to verbalize a problem or concern in large or small groups, to communicate thoughts and ideas, to enter discussions freely and to speak in complete sentences.

They will also learn to understand a variety of written materials so he or she can identify upper and lower case letters, associate sounds with letters using phonetics, respond to a variety of materials, read aloud to them and understand a story by making predictions. We will expand on the knowledge they have acquired in the pre-kindergarten program.


Your child will learn to count forward, backwards and in patterns, measure using linear, weight, and volume measurements. We will explore the concept of time and introduce the concept of currency. Your child will develop an understanding of graphing and be encouraged to apply mathematical skills and concepts in real life situations.

Science and NatureScience and Nature

Your child will explore the world through discovery and understanding of the uniqueness of each new season.


Your child will generate and develop visual ideas through diverse images, objects and concepts. Each will come to understand that art is a personal form of communication and plays an important role in every culture.

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