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Infant Program

"As I head back to work after my second maternity leave, I begin the process again with my younger daughter. It is a comfort to me that some of the same teachers are now providing my younger daughter with the same nurturing and caring environment. ... I know from the start that I can trust the staff with her safety and know that her needs will be met."


Meal/Snack Times and ProceduresMeal/Snack Times and Procedures

Graydon Hall Nursery Schools offer nutritious, age appropriate refreshments that are served mid-morning and mid-afternoon. A hot, nutritious, quality lunch is also served daily.

We encourage parent(s) to let us know about any food sensitivities, dietary restrictions or allergies. We also ask parent(s) to complete a feeding schedule that is updated regularly by the parent(s) as your child grows and their nutritional requirements change.

For children not on child care food, Graydon Hall Nursery Schools requests that the parent supply any formula and foods to meet their child's needs.

A Time for QuietA Time for Quiet

A crib and sheet is provided for each child in our infant room. All sheets are washed weekly to maintain a clean and sanitary sleep area.

Parents are required to provide a blanket and inform us of their child's sleep patterns so we can be consistent with this routine.

Creative Art/SensoryCreative Art/Sensory

Our infant program provides daily sensory and age appropriate creative art activities that stimulate a variety of senses. All items are non-toxic and children wear art smocks during this experience to protect their clothes.

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