At Graydon Hall Nursery Schools, our Toddler Programs provide a stimulating and exciting learning experience that foster a toddler’s natural curiosity about the world around them. Through music, art, sensory, language and motor activities the children develop skills that set the foundation for later learning.

Toddlers participate in indoor and outdoor creative arts, sensory play, cooperative experiences and a wide variety of activities designed to stimulate physical and cognitive growth. The 1:5 ratio (one teacher to five toddlers) during programming time allows the children to explore while under the guidance and support of the teachers.

Communication with families is a vital component of our Toddler program.  Each day parents receive an individual daily log outlining diapering routines, naps, details of eating habits and a description of the special events or milestones experienced by the child.

Each quarter, parents are able to review an age-specific Developmental Checklist of the progress and milestones, observed by the teachers for each child. Families are encouraged to have dialogue with the team members and together set goals for their child’s future growth.

Each site has an outdoor play space, which provides the opportunity for teachers and children to extend social and physical development, as well as encourage toddlers to experience nature first hand.

The Toddler Experience

  • Learn self-help skills and language development
  • Various sensory stimulating activities:
    • Play-Doh
    • Water play
    • Finger painting
    • Musical instruments

Development Stages

  • Drinking from a cup
  • Eating independently with a spoon
  • Sharing toys and turn-taking
  • Toilet training, applied with consistency from the teachers and parents

Gross Motor Skills

Daily outdoor play to give your toddler exposure to self confidence in physical activities.

  • Develop the large muscles
  • Build coordination
  • Learn skills such as throwing, jumping and climbing in a contained safe environment